School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Student Profiles

Get up close and personal with some of the students who make our school such an interesting place.

Catalina Cuervo
biology w. minor in medical and scientific humanities

Catalina Cuervo“I’ve wanted to go to medical school for as long as I can remember, but I wanted to make sure it was the right field for me, so in high school I explored things like engineering, science and math, too. After all that, I’m still excited about medicine, and I’m now considering a specialty in either pediatrics or women’s health."

Brandon Drummond

PhD alumnus, Department of Physics
research assistant

Photo, Brandon Drummond“What in the world are we doing here?” The question has haunted mankind since the beginning of time. Enter Brandon Drummond, a physics graduate student who is two years into his doctoral program. As a research assistant to Professor Joseph Izen, Ph.D., he primarily functions as an analyst for the folks working on the BaBar experiment.

Sarah Glenn

PhD alumna, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
research assistant

Photo, Deepak RaiSarah Glenn loves studying relationships. As a matter of fact, she's something of a matchmaker. She helps establish the mutually nurturing relationship between bacteria and alfalfa sprouts.

Carter Haines

Physics and Neuroscience

Photo, Carter HainesI started working in the Alan G. MacDiarmid NanoTech Institute as a NanoExplorer during the summer after 10th grade, and I’ve been coming back ever since.

Emily Hinz

Master's alumna, Department of Geosciences
research assistant

Photo, Emily A. HinzFancy her today’s Indiana Jones. Armed with computer skills instead of a whip, Eugene McDermott Scholars Program alumna and geosciences graduate student Emily Hinz mixes in just a dash of archaeology to flavor her thesis and master’s degree in geophysics. She may not be seeking the holy grail, but she's using similar geological techniques to probe the earth’s physical properties and to identify artifacts.

Jennifer Hoyt
Alumna, Department of Geosciences

Jennifer Hoyt"I accepted a job with ExxonMobil, the largest independent oil company in the world. They have a structured training program that introduced me to almost all aspects of petroleum exploration. I’m currently working on developing oil fields in offshore Nigeria, and while most of the work is done in Houston, I’m looking forward to traveling there soon."

Greg Hundt

PhD, alumnus, Department of Chemistry
research assistan

Photo, Greg HundtImagine your ultimate goal is having the power to make molecules that never existed before, and to have these molecules become self-assembling structures that will grow into a machine. It is to Greg Hundt, a fourth-year doctoral candidate with one year left.

Anna Li
Department of Molecular & Cell Biology

Anna Li"I want to pursue a career as a physician, and I felt that studying biology through the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics would help me learn about the human body and its processes in preparation for medical school."

Kassandra McLean

Physics and Computer Science Alumna

Photo, Kass McLean UT Dalls student and McDermott scholar Kassandra McLean worked with the United States government to develop nuclear detonation-detection systems a la Star Wars, the space-based defense system that the Reagan administration proposed in the '80s.

Brad Morrison

PhD, alumnus, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology
research assistan

Photo, Deepak RaiBrad Morrison wants to learn how best to protect brain cells. "My particular project looks at a protein that we believe is a neuroprotective protein. It helps protect neurons against this unwanted cell death," he says.

Elaine and Eunice Odiase

biology & pre-med

Elaine and Eunice OdiaseIdentical twin sisters Elaine and Eunice Odiase enrolled at UT Dallas through the University’s Academic Bridge Program, which features smaller classes and provides tutoring and supplemental instruction, campus orientation events, extracurricular activities and field trips.

Deepak Rai


Photo, Deepak Rai Deepak Rai volunteers at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital and patronizes Richardson noodle restaurant establishments in support of the local economy.


Mona Sadeghpour
biology w. minor in medical and scientific humanities

Mona Sadeghpour"One of the beauties of medicine is the number of opportunities it provides to serve people. It might be in the discovery of new drugs and therapies for diseases through research, working with the government on health care matters, educating both patients and students as a teacher, or serving in community clinics."

Dean Tuck

alumnus, Department of Geosciences

Photo, Dean Tuck"When you pick up a rock and hold it in your hands, you are actually holding a book containing key clues about the Earth's past. Even the most ordinary of rocks contains a treasure trove of information," said undergraduate student Dean Tuck.


Chris Williams

PhD alumnus
research assistant

Photo, Chris WilliamsWould you like a computer built into your wristwatch? Or how about owning camouflage uniforms that change with their surroundings? These are just a couple of the elastic, light-weight electronic devices that can be developed by weaving organic light-emitting displays (OLEDs) into textiles and clothing. Chris Williams, a fourth-year doctoral candidate in physics, conducts research on OLEDs, among the most commercially promising materials to come from the intersection of physics, chemistry, engineering, and nanotechnology.


Vicky Zorbas

PhD alumna Department of Chemistry
research assistant

Photo, Vicky ZorbasAfter winning a prestigious fellowship award from the United States government in 2003, Vicky Zorbas, now in her third year, conducts research at UTD for the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Updated: February 10, 2014