School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics


Do I need to see an advisor?

You must meet with your academic advisor prior to registration if you fit in one of the following categories:

  • Freshmen
  • New transfer students
  • Non-Degree students
  • Students on probation
  • Students that changed their major the previous semester

If you are a freshman, you must attend Orientation where you will attend an academic information session, meet with an academic advisor and register for classes. Please visit the new Student Programs website for more information about Orientation.

Academic Advisors

These are non-faculty professional staff members. They are available to assist students in designing an appropriate course of study that will satisfy requirements for graduation.  Academic Advisors are knowledgeable about the technicalities of UT Dallas and program requirements.  All students seeking a Bachelor's degree should meet at least annually with their academic advisor to discuss degree requirements, course selection, time management, study skills, difficulties with coursework, career opportunities, and personal problems. View our availability.

Faculty Advisors

These are regular faculty members in the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM). Their role is to help students with career planning and to serve as academic mentors (they are often not, however, up on the technicalities of UT Dallas requirements). Students should partner with both the faculty advisor and the academic advisor. Below is a list of faculty advisors for each major in NSM.

Department Advisor

Biology /
Molecular Biology

Dennis L Miller
Associate Professor
FO 3.218
[email protected]


Michael C Biewer
Associate Professor
BE 3.326
[email protected]



John Geissman
ROC 21
[email protected]

Math (pure & applied)

Yan Cao
Assistant Professor
FO 2.402
[email protected]


Pankaj K Choudhary
Associate Professor
ECSN 3.908
[email protected]

Actuarial Sciences

Natalia Humphreys
Clinical Associate Professor
FO 2.402
[email protected]


John H Hoffman
ECSN 2.905
[email protected]
  • Updated: February 10, 2014