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Accessibility Information

Welcome to the Accessibility Information page. This is a resource page that delineates the accessibility features of this web site. This page contains the following information:

What is Accessibility?

Accessibility refers to ensuring that content can be navigated and read by everyone, regardless of location, experience, or type of computer technology used. Individuals with disabilities (such as visual or hearing impairments) are often at a disadvantage when browsing a web site because their experience has not been taken into consideration.

Every effort has been taken to make this web site accessible. It complies with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Screen Readers

Individuals browsing this web site with a screen reader such as JAWS or IBM Home Page Reader get additional content than those who browse this site visually. At the beginning of every page the accessibility statement is given with a link to this page.

Skipping Over Content

A user can skip to the main contents of the page by using the Skip to Main Content link. An access key has been assigned to the Skip to Main Content link. By press ALT + access key (or CTRL + access key on a Macintosh) your screen reader will skip to the main contents of the page. Other access keys are listed below.

Access Keys

Page Title Description Access Key
Skip to Main Content Skips to the main page contents M
Accessibility Page Links to the Accessibility Page A
Advising Links to the NSM Advising Page V
Alumni Links to the Alumni Page L
Colophon About the Site O
Contact Us Links to the Contact Us Page C
Department Home Page Links to the Department Home Page D
Facilities Links to the Facilities Page T
Faculty and Research Links to the Faculty & Research Page F
Graduates Links to the Current Graduates Page G
News and Events Links to the News and Events Page N
NSM Home Links to the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Home page H
Prospective Students Links to the Prospective Students Page P
Research Links to the NSM Research Page R
Resources Links to the Resources Page E
Search Links to the Search Page S
Site Map Links to Site Map P
Undergraduates Links to the Current Undergraduates Page U


Additional Inquiries

If you have any questions or comments on how to improve this site, please contact the web developer.

  • Updated: February 10, 2014