Required Links

Committee on People with Disabilities
Resources and information on disabilities from the Texas State Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities.

Copyright Contact
Questions or comments about copyright violations or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act legislation.

Counseling/Mental Health
Information about the mental health services and resources available to students.

Ethics and Compliance Hotline
A confidential way for employees to report non-compliance.

Learn about the prevention of fraud, waste and abuse and confidential ways to report such issues.

Privacy Policy
Information about how UT Dallas keeps your personal information private.

Public Information Requests
Request university records under the provisions of the Texas Public Information Act.

Record Retention Schedule (PDF)
Information about state records and the retention schedule.

Reports to the State
Various electronic reports submitted to the State of Texas.

State of Texas
The State of Texas home page.

Statewide Search
The Texas Records and Information Locator available through the Texas State Library Archives and Commission.

Texas Consumer Resource for Education and Workforce Statistics (CREWS)
Comparative information about Texas public 2- and 4-year postsecondary institutions based on wages and student loan levels.

Texas Homeland Security
Specialized homeland defense-related Internet Resources operated by state agencies and the federal government.

Texas Veterans Portal
A resource for veterans, their families, and their survivors.

Title IX Coordinator
Ensures the university meets its nondiscrimination obligations under Title IX, including the coordination of any investigations of complaints received pursuant to Title IX and the implementing regulations.

Web Accessibility
UT Dallas is committed to providing accessibility of its site.

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