Dr. Nicole De Nisco and members of her lab study the bacteria involved in recurrent urinary tract infections in postmenopausal women.University Biologists Design New Molecules To Help Stall Lung CancerWhere Does Chronic Pain Begin? Scientists Close In on Its OriginsProfessors Bring Faculty Prowess to New Roles for UT Dallas ProvostDr. Michael Q. Zhang and Dr. Yong Chen (right) examine test results from their new system of isolating and analyzing the factors that regulate human DNA.Dr. Jay Kim and his team received a DoD grant to research the link between sugar and squamous cell carcinoma, where  Glucose transporter 1 (GLUT1, pictured in green) prevails.
Undergraduate Programs; photo of student at microscrope
Faculty and Research; photo of a researcher in a lab
Graduate Programs
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