Frank R. Rossiter Book Award

The Rossiter Book Award was established by the Historical Studies faculty to honor outstanding academic achievement and scholarly accomplishment by undergraduate and graduate students in the Historical Studies and History of Ideas Programs at the University of Texas at Dallas. The award is given alternatively to an undergraduate Historical Studies graduating senior and either a History of Ideas PhD who has successfully defended his or her dissertation or a graduating History MA thesis student. We recognize those students and their work in the form of a book prize, which is given at the Spring induction ceremony of Phi Alpha Theta, the History honors society.

Professor Frank Rossiter, who came to UT Dallas in 1975, was one of the senior faculty members, along with Professors Gavin Hambly and Gerald Soliday, who developed the Historical Studies Program. Professor Rossiter taught in the field of American intellectual and cultural history. Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of our program, Professor Rossiter was also an excellent pianist. His great work, Charles Ives and his America (1975), remains the definitive biography of the innovative America composer. Whenever a symphonic orchestra plays Ives's music, the program recommends Professor Rossiter's interpretation of the life and music of Charles Ives.

Rossiter Book Awardees

2018, Timothy Parrish and Sumathi Ramanath (graduate)
2018, Abigail Biggs (undergraduate)
2017, Jason Surmiller (graduate)
2017, Michael Scalley and Madiina Ssali (undergraduate)
2016, Lora D. Burnett (graduate)
2015, Mitch Pricer (undergraduate)

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