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Research Interests

My research interests include how firms manage corruption, react to uncertainty in emerging markets, and the development of entrepreneurial activities in different countries.


Journal Articles

Lee, S.-H., & Weng, D. 2012. Does Bribery in the Home Country Promote or Dampen Firm Exports? Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming. Download

Chung, C., Lee, S.-H., Beamish, P., Southam, C., & Nam, D. 2012. Pitting real options theory against risk diversification theory: International diversification and joint ownership control in economic crisis at Journal of World Business, forthcoming. Download

Lee, S.-H., & Song, S. 2011. Host country uncertainty, inter-MNC subsidiary production shifts, and subsidiary performance: The case of Korean multinational corporations. Strategic Management Journal, forthcoming. Download

Lee, S.-H., & Yamakawa, Y. 2011. Forgiving features for failed entrepreneurs vs. cost of financing in bankruptcies. Management International Review, forthcoming. Download

Lee, S.-H., & Hong, S. 2011. Corruption and subsidiary profitability: U.S. MNC subsidiaries in the Asia Pacific Region. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, forthcoming. Download

Lee, S.-H., Bach, S. B., & Baik, Y.S. 2011. The impact of IPOs on the values of directly competing incumbents. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 5: 158-177. Download

Lee, S.-H., Yamakawa, Y., Peng, M., & Barney, J. 2011. How do bankruptcy laws affect entrepreneurship development around the world? Journal of Business Venturing, 26: 505-520. Download

Lee, S.-H., & Baik, Y. 2010. Corporate lobbying and injury claims in antidumping cases: Looking into the continued dumping and subsidy offset act. Journal of Business Ethics, 96: 467-478. Download

Lee, S.-H., Oh, K., & Eden, L. 2010. Why do firms bribe? Insights from residual control theory. Management International Review, 50: 775-796. Download

Chung, C., Lee, S.-H., & Beamish, P., Isobe, T. 2010. Subsidiary expansion/contraction during times of economic crisis. Journal of International Business Studies, 41: 500-516. Download

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Peng, M., Yamakawa, Y., & Lee, S.-H. 2010. Bankruptcy laws and entrepreneur-friendliness around the world. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 34: 517-530. Download

Ozer, M., & Lee, S.-H. 2009. When do firms prefer individual action to collective action in the pursuit of corporate political strategy? A new perspective on industry concentration. Business and Politics, 11(1): article 4. Download

Lee, S.-H., & Makhija, M. 2009. Flexibility in internationalization: Is it valuable during an economic crisis? Strategic Management Journal, 30: 537-555. Download

Kim, K., Al-Shammari, H., Kim, B., & Lee, S.-H. 2009. CEO duality leadership and corporate diversification behavior. Journal of Business Research, 62: 1173-1180. Download

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Lee, S.-H., Beamish, P., Lee, H., & Park, J. 2009. Strategic choice during economic crisis: Domestic market position, organizational capabilities and export flexibility, Journal of World Business, 44: 1-15. Download

Lee, S.-H., Shenkar, O., & Li, JT. 2008. Cultural distance, investment flow, and control in cross-border cooperation. Strategic Management Journal, 29: 1117-1125. Download

Lee, S.-H., Makihija, M., & Paik, Y. 2008. The value of real options investments under abnormal uncertainty: The case of the Korean economic crisis. Journal of World Business, 43: 16-34. Download

Lee, S.-H., & K. Oh. 2007. Corruption in Asia: pervasiveness and arbitrariness. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 24: 97-114. (This article was featured in the Economist.com as one of the noteworthy articles in business journals.) Download

Lee, S.-H., & Peng, M., & Barney, J. 2007. Bankruptcy law and entrepreneurship development: A real options perspective. Academy of Management Review, 32: 257-272. Download

Peng, M., Lee, S.-H., & Wang, D. 2005. What determines the scope of the firm? An institutional perspective, Academy of Management Review, 30: 622-633. Download

Peng, M., Lee, S.-H., & Tan, J. 2001. The Keiretsu in Asia: Implications for multilevel theories of competitive advantage, Journal of International Management, 7: 253-276. Download


Book Chapters

Lee, S.-H., & Lee, S., 2008. The changing face of strategic orientation of Korean firms. In The changing face of Korean management. (ed.) Chris Rowley & Yongsun Paik. Routledge, UK.

Lee, S.-H., & Chung, C. 2007. Geographic diversification: Risk reduction or operational flexibility. In A new generation in international strategic management, (ed.) Steve Tallman, Edward Elgar, UK. pp 20-39.


Other Publications and Best Paper Proceedings

Lee, S.-H., Makhija, M. & Song, S. 2008. Growth and switching options in foreign direct investments, Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. (Received the IM division distinguished paper award at the 2008 Academy of Management.)

Paik, Y., & Lee, S.-H. 2008. Introduction: The rapidly changing face of Korean companies. Journal of World Business, 43: 1-4.

Lee, S.-H., Yamakawa, Y., & Peng, M. 2008. An empirical examination of "barrier to exit": How does an entrepreneur-friendly bankruptcy law affect entrepreneurship development at a societal level? Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research.


* Last updated: September 2010.