Home Control 1

Home Control and Monitoring System

I built this system to learn Python and to have a fun project using the Raspberry Pi and some auxiliary electronics.  Remember the Big Bang Theory episode where some guys in Shanghai are turning the lights off and on in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment?  If they had the password, they could do that to one light in my computer room.

The Pi puts data onto a Web site I own (not a UTD site) so I can look at it from a browser.  No, I won't publish the URL; I'm doing security by obscurity.  Even then, it requires a password to see photos and perform control functions.  The code for the site is written in C#.
Distance-sensing robot This is the main module.  The Pi board sits on top of a black box. Glued to the back of the box are a motion sensor (right) and a camera (left) that are mounted on pieces of coathanger.  The box contains a gang of solid-state relays that are controlled by the Pi.  One of them turns on the lamp at the right, and another turns on a radio, not shown.  This system also has a Bluetooth adapter in one of its USB ports.
Arduino-based satellite Ever be a couple of blocks from the house and wonder if you closed the garage door?  Or been in bed and wondered if you left the light on? 

I can't figure out how to get this rotated; in the original the motion sensor is pointing up, not to the right.  This has an Arduino Uno, and the sensors are a photoresistor for light level, a DHT11 for temperature and humidity, and a simple switch, shown below, that is open if the garage door is down and closed if it is up.  This module sends data to the Pi module, shown above, every 10 seconds.  The code is all written in C.